Rahel Schöppenthau


Rahel Schöppenthau as veiled Venus during the production of kEINEvenus

Never waste a good crisis: caught in the Covid-induced general standstill of 2020, I picked up an old idea and started translating a book. I desperately needed something creative to do. But what started as something to please only myself turned into a clearly shaped plan that could finally be finished succesfully. This in turn gave me the courage and strength to take other ideas of mine and turn them into real art projects. In doing so, I am the brain, but also the body within a project. All that I can offer is to be used, if it serves the idea.

What drives me is the human being as part of the world, how s*he experiences it and acts within it. How do we perceive ourselves and others? But in order to ignite the creative spark several aspects from the clouds of themes have to condense simultaneously on one common point. Then, there is a first hint of how to approach it, like a probable set-up for an experiment. When the big and universal meets the small and individual, I am intrigued.

As I put an idea into practice, I trust to find the right way as I engage myself increasingly in the project. My artistic home is in theatre, but I do not want to limit myself to that: true to the motto 'form follows function' I like being led to paths outside of my expertise. Crossing over disciplines and artistic fields and exploring the peripheries reflects both my understanding of art and my wide array of interests.

I consider myself an autodidact and I like familiarizing myself with new tasks. However, as a brain child of the independent art scene I am also an ardent advocat for collective working processes. I enjoy cooperating with other specialists, as I find it very enriching and I am convinced doing so adds value to any project. Open exchange with others helps to develop, improve and hone an idea until it finally takes a clear shape that is always better than the first draft.