Rahel Schöppenthau


literary translation Perlenbrauerei (2020-2021)

German translation of the debut novel Perlebryggeriet by Norwegian artist Jenny Hval, in cooperation with Anna Schiemangk. Published in February 2022 by März-Verlag.

art project kEINEvenus (2020-2022)

An interdisciplinary art project dealing with norms and beauty ideals attached to the female body. Departing from the Venus de Milo, it combines photography, body painting and acting in an attempt to open up different perspectives on outer appearance and inner worlds.

Roles: concept, artistic director, project manager, model, communication and social media.

literary translation Juckt's (2023)

German translation of non-fiction title I seng med fienden by Norwegian author Ellen Støkken Dahl, in cooperation with Anna Schiemangk. Published in October 2023 by März-Verlag.

preparing: theatre project The Void (working title, starting 2023)

A research-based theatre project revolving around the theme of belonging. If you had to give up social bonds, which ones would you sacrifice first? Would you rather stop belonging to your preferred sports club, to your friends, or to your family? It is a fundamental human need to belong, so how does the loss of belonging and social attachment affect us both as individuals and as a society?

Roles: idea, artistic direction, actress